Gardening Expertise 

We give you the time to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Whether it's regular maintenance or project requirements, we can make your outdoor vision a reality.

"It's been SO wonderful spending time in the yard with (our daughter). It's what I always envisioned when we started!" 
Kristen / San Francisco

Wide Range of Services

Ensuring a clean, healthy and ecologically sustainable outdoor living space for our clients.

Plant Care

Regular maintenance should include periodic pruning, fertilization, and pest control. We uitlize organic fertilizers and non-toxic solutions for insect / fungal problems, and only when absolutely necessary.

Special Projects
Decks and Patios

If your outdoor space is a patio or roof deck, potted plants will require root pruning and special attention to irrigation.   Plants left in planter/pots too long develop problems absorbing nutrients and root growth could break their containers.


All irrigation systems should be checked frequently, with occasional detailled inspection of the lines and emitters. We offer system diagnosis and repair as well as ongoing checks and timer programming with maintenance services.